LaQuinda Grimes for The Big Natural Hair Project.

How long have you been natural?


I have been natural going on 6-7 years.


Why did you go natural?

Returning natural wasn't a conscious decision. My family and I started to go to Dominican Salons for blow outs and just started getting relaxers less and less. I eventually got down to two relaxers a year, and then went to college. I noticed my hair was curly instead of what I thought was nappy or bad. Once I started wearing it big wild styles I loved it. It fit my face and style better.

Do you have any favorite natural hair products?

LaQuinda for the Big Natural Hair Project by LDP Studios

I like to make my favorite natural products. My hair really reports to aloe vera juice, water, and oil mixes; followed by Shea butter to seal all the moisture in. Miss Jessie's kinky Coily custard is works really well with my hair. And Wen's sweet almond mint re-moist intensive treatment is awesome when I haven't been taking care of my hair like a should.


Do you have any favorite natural hair styles you want to share? 


My favorite styles are twist outs and fro-Hawks! 

LaQuinda for the Big Natural Hair Project by LDP Studios

Did you do the big chop, if so what was it like how did you feel?


I did the big chop due to damaged ends that wouldn't curl like the rest of my hair. At first I Was really self conscious about the shrinkage and would only wear my hair in stretched styles. But it eventually grew on me and I feel like I embraced my entire self. I was more confident about the parts of me that weren't the same as the accepted beauty standard. I figured the world was wrong about my hair so they're probably wrong about everything else.


Is there anything else you'd like to share about yourself hobbies businesses skills etc?

I'm a professional dancer, instructor, producer, writer, program host and amateur dance ethnologist! I will be attending the University of Limerick this August to get my Ethnochoreologist M.A. on a partial scholarship; and to help with that cost I will be launching a crowd funding campaign soon! To see what I'm up to in the field, follow all of my social media @LaQuindaGrimes everything. Also, check out Cue the Lens, a youth outreach program that specializes in intercultural education through Arts and media!

LaQuinda for the Big Natural Hair Project by LDP Studios