The PuffCuff!

I hope by now you don't tie back your hair with elastic bands.  First off, where do you even get those things anymore?  But mostly, you know how they are hard to get out and rip your hair out in clumps......  Forget about those little black fabric wrapped rubber circles....we have something better for you!

Photography by LDP Studios!!  Yay!

Photography by LDP Studios!!  Yay!

The Puff Cuff comes in all sizes and won't tear out your hair like some sadist hair band!  There are numerous sizes available and just recently The PuffCuff released their Micro version, a smaller version that.....well l'll let The Creator tell you the rest!

Ceata Lash, Creator of The PuffCuff, has this to say about her Hair solution:

"Does your little one cringe when its time to style her or his hair? That is sure to change when you start using our Micros to style that curly hair. Made with a durable high impact-resistant plastic and designed with a contour fit, this hair accessory is a must-have. PuffCuff Micro’s mouth is specially crafted to accommodate curly hair without cinching tightly while maintaining comfort. The short teeth and hook closure allow it to stay securely in place. This unisex hair clamp will not cause hair breakage or damage, and it works with all types of thick hair—including dread locs, twists and braids."

Stay in style without damaging your hair with The PuffCuff, Click the photo above to purchase or click here!