Best Natural Hair Blogs

My Top 3 Natural Hair Blogs

My name is Kayla and I’m a 24 year old self-employed stay-at-home mom. I’ve gone from 

wanting to be an actress on Broadway to wanting to create and teach proper eating, cooking and nutrition 

techniques but in the mean time in between time, I found a love for my natural hair.  Back when I started 

my journey in 2007, there really wasn’t much information about natural hair care available. As a matter of 

fact, the only sites that you could really find advice were YouTube, photo sharing sites such as Fotki, and 

the forum (yeah, I brought it WAAAY back). I was 15 years old with thin, limp 

straight hair and I wanted SO badly to be like Joan on Girlfriends. Needless to say, since then there has 

been SERIOUS growth in the natural hair community in terms of products, YT channels and blogs. For 

me, there are 3 vlogs/blogs that I watch/read almost daily because the content and advice given is not only 

informative, but very unique and fun! 


BGLH- Black Girl Long Hair

This is one of the first blogs I found while I was in High School and it was pretty much my go-to 

site for hair styles and reading everyone’s natural hair journey. I loved the camaraderie and diversity that 

so many of the ladies had and I found that even though everyone’s hair story was unique, they were also 

somewhat similar- tying everyone’s experiences together into one beautiful community. They usually 

post a few articles per week, probably every other day or so, so there’s always SOMETHING to read up 

on. Now, BGLH is where I go if I want to read up on a certain product or ingredient, read the latest “tea,” 

or read something empowering. BGLH has expanded into such a melting pot of topics and inspiration that 

there’s really no question as to why I deem this blog my #1 choice. 



Like pretty much EVERYONE else who started on the natural scene back in ’07-’08, I have been 

following Whitney since DAY ONE. Granted, her journey started on YouTube but still. A lot of her blog 

posts pretty much just lead into her YouTube videos, so if you’re looking for a blog but aren’t interested 

in too much reading, then her blog is definitely for you.  Her posts consist of mostly style tutorials, as 

well as product recipes, reviews and other hair care tips. You can subscribe to her YouTube channel, 

Naptural85, but she also has an actual vlogging channel (DearNaptural85) in which she video-blogs the 

realness of her semi-daily life, information about any events she may be attending, advice, stories, and her 

hilarious family and friends! She only posts once every week or so, depending on how busy her schedule 

is.  I’ve grown to love her uniqueness and really appreciate the content she puts out on both her natural 

hair channel and her vlogging channel because her information is always very well-researched and her 

styles are innovative, easy and cute.



Steel Feather Lace Elephant

I’ve only recently found out about Ask pRoy on Youtube, and was intrigued to visit her website 

because of it. Her videos are high quality with amazing graphics and you can tell that she dedicates a lot 

of time and effort into them so I knew her website, much like her hair, would be POPPING. Unlike 

Naptural85, pRoy puts the majority of her content and the outlines of her tutorials on her website as 

opposed to making lengthy tutorial videos. She also discusses a variety of other topics ranging from 

fashion and beauty, to fitness and self motivation which is why I’ve been reading this blog pretty much 

every day since I found it a month ago.  She posts once every couple of weeks as well due to her 

schedule, but I am definitely on stand-by waiting for whatever content she comes up with. 

While there are many other blogs to choose from, I designated these as my top three due to the 

quality of the content and the absolute SLAYAGE that is produced by these amazing women.yg

The PuffCuff!

I hope by now you don't tie back your hair with elastic bands.  First off, where do you even get those things anymore?  But mostly, you know how they are hard to get out and rip your hair out in clumps......  Forget about those little black fabric wrapped rubber circles....we have something better for you!

Photography by LDP Studios!!  Yay!

Photography by LDP Studios!!  Yay!

The Puff Cuff comes in all sizes and won't tear out your hair like some sadist hair band!  There are numerous sizes available and just recently The PuffCuff released their Micro version, a smaller version that.....well l'll let The Creator tell you the rest!

Ceata Lash, Creator of The PuffCuff, has this to say about her Hair solution:

"Does your little one cringe when its time to style her or his hair? That is sure to change when you start using our Micros to style that curly hair. Made with a durable high impact-resistant plastic and designed with a contour fit, this hair accessory is a must-have. PuffCuff Micro’s mouth is specially crafted to accommodate curly hair without cinching tightly while maintaining comfort. The short teeth and hook closure allow it to stay securely in place. This unisex hair clamp will not cause hair breakage or damage, and it works with all types of thick hair—including dread locs, twists and braids."

Stay in style without damaging your hair with The PuffCuff, Click the photo above to purchase or click here!



LaQuinda Grimes for The Big Natural Hair Project.

How long have you been natural?


I have been natural going on 6-7 years.


Why did you go natural?

Returning natural wasn't a conscious decision. My family and I started to go to Dominican Salons for blow outs and just started getting relaxers less and less. I eventually got down to two relaxers a year, and then went to college. I noticed my hair was curly instead of what I thought was nappy or bad. Once I started wearing it big wild styles I loved it. It fit my face and style better.

Do you have any favorite natural hair products?

LaQuinda for the Big Natural Hair Project by LDP Studios

I like to make my favorite natural products. My hair really reports to aloe vera juice, water, and oil mixes; followed by Shea butter to seal all the moisture in. Miss Jessie's kinky Coily custard is works really well with my hair. And Wen's sweet almond mint re-moist intensive treatment is awesome when I haven't been taking care of my hair like a should.


Do you have any favorite natural hair styles you want to share? 


My favorite styles are twist outs and fro-Hawks! 

LaQuinda for the Big Natural Hair Project by LDP Studios

Did you do the big chop, if so what was it like how did you feel?


I did the big chop due to damaged ends that wouldn't curl like the rest of my hair. At first I Was really self conscious about the shrinkage and would only wear my hair in stretched styles. But it eventually grew on me and I feel like I embraced my entire self. I was more confident about the parts of me that weren't the same as the accepted beauty standard. I figured the world was wrong about my hair so they're probably wrong about everything else.


Is there anything else you'd like to share about yourself hobbies businesses skills etc?

I'm a professional dancer, instructor, producer, writer, program host and amateur dance ethnologist! I will be attending the University of Limerick this August to get my Ethnochoreologist M.A. on a partial scholarship; and to help with that cost I will be launching a crowd funding campaign soon! To see what I'm up to in the field, follow all of my social media @LaQuindaGrimes everything. Also, check out Cue the Lens, a youth outreach program that specializes in intercultural education through Arts and media!

LaQuinda for the Big Natural Hair Project by LDP Studios